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VENTANA Virtuoso

image and workflow management software

The VENTANA Virtuoso software is part of a comprehensive solution that helps transform the anatomic pathology lab by optimizing a digital workflow and decision-making environment, from image management to customized reporting.

  • Web-based, anytime/anywhere access to clinical slide images.
  • Role-based portals address individual workflow needs for histotechs, pathologists, lab administrators and clinicians.
  • The Virtuoso software works together with the VENTANA scanners and the VENTANA VANTAGE workflow solution to enable integrated communication between lab staff and pathologists.
  • Decreased data entry touch points reduce the risk of sample misidentification.

The Virtuoso software orchestrates the laboratory workflow around the digital slide, from the moment the slide is scanned to the time the results are reported.

With the Virtuoso software you can:

  • View, annotate and analyze digital images
  • Manage case workflow
  • Provide clinical image management
  • Generate reports
  • Collaborate in real time for consults and second opinions
  • Expand access to on- and off-site expertise and specialists
  • Develop consistency in the evaluation of key IHC breast biomarkers

Virtuoso software features:

  • Image quality control module
  • VENTANA Companion Algorithm image analysis software integration
  • Fully integrated with the short and long term storage provider of your choice

Roche provides an industry-leading portfolio of validated products for anatomic pathology labs with the compatibility, power and convenience of a trusted single source — empowering labs, pathologists and health care professionals with the confidence they need to transform their practice.