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slide scanner

The foundation of the digital pathology process is the digital slide image. To achieve the most benefit from digital pathology, you need the best digital slide images from a scanner that offers unrivaled power and control. Expand beyond microscopes and glass slides and make the digital pathology transformation with the VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner* for in vitro diagnostic use — the most powerful scanner of its kind on the market, with the speed, reliability and throughput that high-volume labs need.

A high-throughput brightfield slide scanner for anatomic pathology, the VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner offers a robust 360-slide capacity, combining high reliability with high throughput at both 20X and 40X magnifications. The VENTANA iScan HT scanner also supports laboratory efficiency with uninterrupted random access and continuous loading technology.

Through integration with the VENTANA Virtuoso software, the VENTANA iScan HT scanner also delivers remote slide review, streamlining workflow by offering remote specialists anytime/anywhere review options.

The VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner offers the power, control and efficiency you need to optimize your digital pathology workflow, empowering you to:

  • Fully digitize laboratory workflow.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring the highest quality.
  • Scan a diverse variety of slide types.
  • Obtain excellent image quality with high-speed, efficient brightfield slide scanning.
  • Take advantage of continuous random access and STAT processing — with no workflow interruption.
  • View and annotate digital images of scanned slides with included software.

Roche provides an industry-leading portfolio of validated products for anatomic pathology labs with the compatibility, power and convenience of a trusted single source — empowering labs, pathologists and health care professionals with the confidence they need to transform their practice.

*The VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner is for in vitro diagnostic use in specific clinical applications.